the Kitchen Collective

24 september 2023
the Kitchen Collective
Pauline Koning

KITCHEN COLLECTIVE is a project initiated by artist and Creative Chef Jasper Udink ten Cate. Together with keyboard player Daan Richard they invite creatives and musicians in Jaspers kitchen to create music. It is not a band, It is a collective of likeminded musicians that want to play music and send out a positive message; a recipe for life. It is a long term project where musicians are invited to cook up some tasty sounds and songs. All of the music is composed, played, mixed and produced at their Creative Chef Studio in the Netherlands and has some juicy and delicious sounding ingredients. Other well known musicians and players who already participated are Francien van Tuinen on vocals, Herve Lètor on saxophone and Berenice van Leer on vocals. The Kitchen Collective is on a tour to bring you their music live on stage with the food and artworks coming out of Jasper’s Creative Chef Studio and will be hitting the summer festivals in 2023. Stay tuned for delicious recipe’s for life!

The collective is currently working on their third album; Juice.

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